Rottendog mpu 089

Browsing Pinside at night? Getting tired of all the white? Tommy's Pins. Pueblo, CO. So previously I made a post that my funhouse has a bunch of issues and melted all the controlled lights into puddles of plastic. Well fast forward to a couple weeks ago, I had my bride of pinbot at the Rocky Mountain showdown and it died on me at the show. I needed a MPU so I pulled the one from funhouse to make it through the show and everything was fine for the remaining time of the weekend.

So yesterday I finally had time to set up bride and see what I could figure out with the original mpu. I set it up, checked everything out and turned it on. There were only like 4 lights under the pf that were on and even those few were dim and flakey.

MPU 089 MPU Board for Bally Williams WPC 89 Pinball Machines

I checked the plugs on the board and the related transients to the rows and columns and everything was fine. So I started looking at the LEDs and found that they were melted just like the ones I had in funhouse. Common denomintor: the Rottendog MPU There has to be a fix or logical explanation for why this board is melting LEDs.

Pinside member. Arvada, CO. Have you spoken with RD? I know that would be my first move. This is not normal in any sense of the word. Not only that but I have never heard of such an issue. Crazy Man! Did you ever have the opportunity to check for voltage spikes or high voltages on the lines. I figured nothing would have been correct since they have all been in different locTions when the issues occurred. Just going off 2 different games, with the same issues and using the same board, there has to be something going on with that board.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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Also compatible with Strike Master and Slug-Fest. In most cases we ship the same day. All parts purchased through this site are under warranty. For specific warranty information please see the product categories below. The installation of these parts can cause damage to your game or part if installed incorrectly or there is an underlying problem that has not been addressed.

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Black Knightand what the game is or isn't doing. A technician will reply promptly to your email. In most cases, there are other undiagnosed problems with customers' games which may cause the appearance of a malfunctioned board.

Most boards that come back to us have no problems whatsoever. The testing fee has been implemented to recover the time it takes to test the board. There is NO testing fee if we find problems.

We fix the board and send it back at no cost to the customer. NOTE: Parts that are returned to us damaged due to power surges or other external sources are not covered under warranty. If for any reason the board malfunctions please contact us immediately and we will direct you accordingly.

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Schematics for each game are essential in tracing down connections to lamps, switches, and solenoids. Some games have information split between two manuals: a game manual for general game operation and an operations guide for more technical information.

Need Pinball Tech Help: High Speed Sound Issue/New Rottendog MPU

Details for board and cabinet schematics and theory of operation guides for WPC games can be found in separate documents.

There are several versions of each generation. Some copies can be found on Planetary Pinball. Parts catalogs also had supplementary updates to add and replace pages as newer games were released after the initial release of the catalogs. Supplementary service bulletin books were released, which included service bulletins that detailed any problems or issues with games that were discovered after they were released.

The "P" suffix merely indicates a "plastic" chip case. Bank switching is required to address more than 64KB. The utility can be used to see which games used particular parts. The utility can be found here. The natural heating and cooling cycle, and vibration, in a pinball machines causes the socketed chips to slowly walk out of their sockets.

This loosening can cause mysterious behavior and resets. Firmly pressing each socketed device - including the ASIC - and listening for a small click can solve many odd problems. When batteries reach old age, they always leak electrolyte. In WPC boards, this electrolyte drips onto the switch matrix circuits. There, it causes extensive corrosion. The corrosion will eat up traces under the green solder mask, creating a lumpy appearance.

This corrosion is extremely destructive. It must be caught early, and gently washed with vinegar. Damaged components must be replaced, and damaged traces cleaned with a fiberglass brush and carefully tinned with a soldering iron.The only exceptions are the boards located on our specials page. Access information on the products we are offering. Download some of our circuit board schematics. Quick cross reference of boards sorted by game title.

To supply the coin- op community with newly designed, low cost, replacement circuit boards as an alternative to purchasing older, used, over priced, original equipment circuit boards. We believed that, rather than bending over and grabbing the ankles, that there was an alternative market for low cost alternatives to high priced used products and high priced new products as well. Hence, Rottendog Amusements. All of our boards are assembled in the US of A. Our boards are either assembled in Michigan, Mississippi or Alabama.

We proudly employ fellow US citizens in the building of our products or we would not be in this "hobby gone wrong"! God Bless the USA! When contacting us for technical support, make sure you include your phone number and contact info.

Rottendog Amusements. Start here to find: 1. The products we are producing 2. Access information on the products we are offering 3. Preview products currently in development 4. Quick cross reference of boards sorted by game title 6. A list of our distributors. Our Mission: To supply the coin- op community with newly designed, low cost, replacement circuit boards as an alternative to purchasing older, used, over priced, original equipment circuit boards.Out of stock and may not be getting more.

Go to the XPIN board here! High quality power supply with beefier bridge rectifiers than factory boards, easier identified test points, and wire hookup points labeled. You must transfer the wires over from your old board and it is recommended to be installed by an experienced tech.

You will need to swap over your game ROMS and processor, or order here. Does not come with ROM, but easily transferred from your old board. See game listing below. This board is a direct plug in replacement for the original OEM power supply.

This board replaces Data East part number:and If you have a version, please see the below notes under games supported. Gottlieb System 3 driver board. Williams System 3 through System 6 Six digit Display boards. Williams System 3 through System 6 Six digit Display. May not get more! Many original Williams boards suffered from battery corrosion and issues with the interconnect, this board replaces both MPU and Driver boards.

Built in diagnostics, and many improvements using more modern components. Comes with installation instructions, schematics and one CR Lithium battery. A parts change due to availability created a problem making it unusable in most System 7 games, it supposedly works in some, and Rottendog cannot find a solution. The MPU comes with 1 battery, order a spare if you need one on hand.

Genuine Energizer. Compatible with the following games:. Brand new release for Please verify the board is correct for your machine and is what you want and need.

Games are listed below that are supported by this board. Please note this board is discontinued and I am out of stock. Rottendog has determined the color green is not popular enough to warrant continuing, though I disagree. Replaces part numbers D and D I can provide or email if you have access to a burner.Would like to see a German dd premium.

Probably going to get the Hood and Alabama(duh). Maybe a RN DD. Really going to depend on the future lines they unveil. Those could be used in such a line. We don't currently have a British heavy cruiser in game and Exeter is probably the most famous of those ships so would be a good choice to introduce them.

Rottendog MPU089, Replaces WPC A-12742

Also 2017 is the 75th anniversary of the battles of the Java sea. So if WG wanted to do an event then, they could have a nice premium ship to release at the same time. But I think with the Indy there's no point. There is always going to be overlap. The ship may be a different tier, or have some other characteristics that make it different. Didn't she was the same as the Richelieu. I think the US refit of Richelieu would be better as a premium but as it's head of class and Dunkerque, already in the game (also head of class) it won't happen.

They won't put two of the last french BBs as premiums if they want to make a french BB line (they have the material). In term of unique flavor, Jean Bart would be the very same as stock Richelieu, that's why I don't understand it as a Premium choice.

Richelieu all the way. That US AA refit. It will be god tier. Gascogne would've had two turrets like Richelieu and Jean Bart but with one facing forward and one facing aft. The armor is rather weak already, why make it worse by showing more broadside to have the aft turret shoot. It's Graf Spee all over again. Why loose the flavor and strenght of the full frontal turrets. I don't know if the Jean Bart offers something sufficiently different or special to sell it while having the ship's class in the tech tree.

But there's the Prinz Eugen, so t could happen. Weaknesses would be it's lacking long range AA, low number of secondaries, and, despite supercharges, still sporting just 8 15 inch guns at T8. Guessing that she will also get a radar consumable due to being the last Battleship ever built (Jean Bart really doesn't count). For this reason, sources which quote HMS Vanguard as having gun ranges in excess of 32,000 yards (29,260 m) are somewhat misleading, as such a range would have required the use of super charges, which she never carried.

She was a Franken-ship made from spare hull and guns, although she was built I think her strange construction could easily lend to creative balancing. Honestly I think there would be a lot of hate for releasing Vanguard at tier 8 price tag and she didn't feel good to play. We dont need a tier 8 Krazny Krym. Maryland got more AA.

rottendog mpu 089

West Virginia got more AA, enhanced radar, thicker decks, better torpedo defenses, and so forth. In effect, she was a new ship built atop the old. With the right tweaks, such as more accurate guns and possibly radar, she would make a decent tier 8 premium. The low speed would be a major downside, but she would be very strong in other areas.Any bets taken on Next Game Winner or Next Game Score will be void if the next game turns out to be a Match tie-break, though any bets on Next Game First Point will stand.

Any bets taken in error for the Correct Score or Number of Games in the 3rd set will be void. See also the general rules on Total Games markets. Bets are offered for a player to win the nominated point. In the event of forfeited points, these will count for final settlement.

If a tie-break is not played in the nominated set, all bets on these markets are void. All bets stand irrespective of whether or not the tie-break includes the awarding of a penalty point. If the umpire awards the tie-break as a penalty game prior to the game starting, all bets on the tie-break will be void. If the tie-break is awarded as a penalty game whilst in progress, bets on tie-break winner will stand, but bets on tie-break score will be void (unless the only way the tie-break could be won was Any Other.

In the event of the tie-break not being completed through disqualification or retirement, all bets on the tie-break will be void, with the exception of tie-break total points as detailed above. If the official outcome of a tie-break is unspecified (e. In the event of disqualification or retirement, bets will be void if the player has not yet been broken (unless there is no conceivable opportunity for them to serve again - in which case bets will be settled on the player having not been broken).

If the wrong player is indicated as (Svr), then any bets taken on Current or Next Game, Current or Next Game Score, Point Betting or Next Game First Point will be void, regardless of the result.

For competitions where two legged ties have a Golden Set to decide which team progresses (in the event of the tie being tied in matches won), then for settlement purposes the Golden Set does not count.

To Qualify will be settled on the team progressing to the next round of the specified competition, and includes the outcome of a Golden Set if played. An unplayed or postponed match will be treated as a non-runner for settling purposes unless it is played within 48 hours of the original start time.

The following markets will be void if the match is not completed, unless the specific market outcome is already determined:For individual set markets, in the event of the set not being completed bets will be void, unless the specific market outcome is already determined. For In-Play Point Betting, bets are offered for a team to win the nominated point.

In the event of the point not being played, due to the game or set ending, all bets on that point will be void.

Rottendog MPU089 melting LEDs

In the event of referee enforced point deductions, official results will be used for settlement purposes, with the exception of Race to Markets and Point Betting that have already been determined.

All match markets will be settled on regulation time, unless stated otherwise.

rottendog mpu 089

Regulation time this must be completed for bets to stand unless otherwise stated. In the event of a match starting but not being completed then bets will be void, unless the specific market outcome is already determined. In-Play Markets - Bets are settled on regulation time, unless stated otherwise. If the conditions of a specific event are changed from those originally listed by the official governing body then bets will be void, unless settlement of the bet(s) is already determined.

Bets on any participant who takes part in qualifying for a specified event but then fails to qualify for the main Round(s) will be classed as losers.

For settlement purposes the result is at the time of the podium presentation. Specifically for Nordic Combined betting, if the results of the provisional competition round are used for the start of the cross country race, all event bets are void. If one or more participants fail to take part in a specified event then bets will be void. If an event comprises of just one round then official results from that round will be used for settlement purposes.

If a player is disqualified or withdraws after starting that round the other player will be deemed the winner. If an event is abandoned prior to completion of the 1st round, then bets will be void. If both participants qualify for the next round but neither completes the event then bets will be void.

For Cross-Country sprint event match-ups the final official placing for the event will be used to determine settlement. If a player is disqualified or withdraws after starting either prior to the completion of the first round, or after both players have qualified for a further round, the other player is deemed the winner, assuming that player completes the respective round. If a player is disqualified during a subsequent round, when the other player in the match bet has already not qualified for that round, the disqualified player is deemed the winner.

If the conditions of a specific event are changed from those originally listed by the official governing body then bets will be void, e. Biathlon Time Match-Ups - Settlement will be based on course time only (not overall time including shooting penalties). ArcheryOutright Betting is all-in compete or not.

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